Many years in the future, you might be able to sit in a commercial movie theater and see independent films. Until then, we have a forum for filmmakers to show their work.

Wolftoob reaches over 4,000,000 homes in Manhattan. We hope some of these homes have their televisions on.

If you're a struggling avant-garde filmmaker — or just a student with a funky film — please contact us. We will be more than glad to show your work.

We prefer the films to be between 1 and 10 minutes in length. We can show anything from blood and guts to sex (as long as there is no actual penetration). Please contact us at to submit your work.


A 10-minute short on location in Italy on Hi8. A young man searches for his grandfather's family in a small Italian town. Features anonymous camera work by a subsequent Emmy Award winner.


An abstract short film shot on DV. Depicts the history of New Orleans Voodoo rituals. Made by local New York filmmakers.


A DV avant-garde short that uses a small Island near Manhattan as a setting for an insane man's lost hope. Shot and edited in one day by Saul Machnann.

Lenny the Wolf

A 16mm clay animation short made exclusively for Wolftoob.